b'The intrepid Historic Charleston Foundation Travelers commemorated the 75th Anniversary of D-Day on a sojourn through the culturally rich Normandy countryside. A cruise along the Seine with expert interpretation on the history of modern Europe, warfare and society ended in Paris, where the group relieved the joys of the Liberation of that famed capitol. The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial (shown) where veterans in the HCF group placed a wreath at the foot of a memorial honoring those brave soldiers who lost their lives during World War II.Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shimer Anne Tkacs Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Whitesell Raymond H. Anderson, Jr. Ethan BensingerMr. and Mrs. Carlton Simons Mr. and Mrs. John M. Trask, Jr. Diane Whittle Mr. and Mrs. L. Chad Arant Linda BettelliMr. and Mrs. Wilson Sims Kathleen B. Tresnak and William M.Dr. and Mrs. Sykes Wilford Susan Arbios Sharon BienekAnne Smith Reehl III Dr. and Mrs. William C. Wilson Rebecca Atkins Janet BlybergMr. and Mrs. George W. Smyth, Jr. Robert W. Trezevant Jane Wiltshire Mary Baccus Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. BreyerGretchen Speakman Tamsen Troy Lauren Wyckoff Patrick Ball Carolyn BrightCharles Spell Lilla Ujvarossy Col. Gerald Yingling Bonnie Barber Fern G. CampbellMr. and Mrs. David M. Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Unger John L. Young and Philip Dufford Prof. William H. Bates III Mr. and Mrs. Josh CarlonCynthia Stetzer Mr. and Mrs. H. Wayne Unger, Jr. Kevin Zavian Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Batten IV Holly ChandlerMr. and Mrs. Johnson Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Strat Valakis Rear Adm. and Mrs. William M. Zobel Laura Bayless Dr. Wendy CheshireMr. and Mrs. James I. Tankersley Mr. and Mrs. George M. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. E. Dana Beach Josephine M. ChromyThe Hon. and Mrs. John J. Tecklenburg Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Walle FRIEND ($1 - $74) Lawrence Bechler Gina CiconteMr. and Mrs. John S. Templeton, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Keeling A. Warburton Alison Adams Mr. and Mrs. Doug Beckley Joseph ClarkGeorge Terbovich Lt. General and Mrs. Claudius E. Watts III Linda Ainsworth Matthew Bees Helen ClementFrederick H. Fowler, Jr. and JustinAnn Wessel Mr. and Mrs. Mark Allan Janis Bellack Theresa ColeThomas Douglas S. White Patricia D. Altschul Merrill Benfield Steve ConnHISTORIC CHARLESTON FOUNDATION 21 2019 ANNUAL REPORT'