b'challenges while preserving what makes Charleston an attractive place to work and live. The final report is not a series of engineering plans and list of specific projects, rather is a set of principles and pathways drivenbydesignandgroundedinscience,and focused on the safety of the community and respect for the environment. It repositions the approach to resources and infrastructure projects.Overall recommendations stemming from the Dutch Dialogues Charleston report include:Reexamining development standards to include stormwater storage/infiltration and elevation-based zoning to discourage the use of fill materials2019 ANNUAL REPORT HISTORIC CHARLESTON FOUNDATIONEnhancing comprehensive planning to include a focus on resiliency and inclusion of a water plan Slow-store-drain all stormwater and positioning all capital improvements to achieve those goals A city-wide groundwater and watershed assessmentEngagement of residents to develop a rainproof6Charleston through the use of rain gardens and Through site visits, community meetings, intensiveother water retention strategiesteam workshops with the engagement of local professionals, the Dutch Dialogues Team hasEnhanced regional coordination developed a set of planning principles grounded inMarket-based, flexible tools to engage the private science, which will lead to a more resilient Charleston. sector in resiliency practicesThereportadditionallydividedthecityintosix geographicalareas,takingadeepapproachto understandingcurrentandfuturefloodrisk,and making highly specific recommendations based upon the distinct water systems of those areas.TherecommendationsmadeintheDutchDialogues Charleston report represent a monumental shift in policy, and it will take years, a significant investment of resources, and collaboration across all levels of government and the private sector to see these recommendations come to fruition. HCF is fully committed to the Dutch Dialogues Charleston implementation of recommendations. Like Charlestonswater,theserecommendationsarenow embedded in our DNA, and we will continue to work tirelessly for a resilient Charleston.Learn more at DutchDialoguesCharleston.org'