b'Statement of Activities20192018Income (with and without donor restriction) Preservation Initiatives and Museum Services 965,7081,002,628 Educational Programs (includes CAS, FOHG, Events & Travel) 1,255,1051,194,083 Development (includes Bequests, Contributions, Grants) 1,673,8491,241,504 Retail, Gross Profit and Licensed Products 1,215,1931,270,122 Investments 1,754,772(524,437)Miscellaneous Income 16,6042,554 Total Income6,881,2314,186,454 Expenses Preservation Initiatives, Museum Services2,605,9201,914,004 Educational Programs (includes CAS, FOHG, Events & Travel) 918,957810,799Development 301,673279,388Retail and Licensed Products 935,465972,003Support Services 408,940332,382 Total Expenses5,170,9554,308,576 Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets 1,710,276(122,122)HISTORIC CHARLESTON FOUNDATION 29 2019 ANNUAL REPORT'