b'Museum Collections2019 DonationsCarolina Map Powder Horn (pictued below) with a ViewThree Porcelain Plates, 19th century. These Chinese of Charleston, circa 1761. Cowhorn owned by CaptainExport porcelain plates belonged to Governor Aiken and Charles Fornin Richardes of the 95th Regiment. Thiswere once used at Jehossee Plantation. Gift of Mr. Thomas object is the best example of a small group of relatedMaybank.powder horns produced for British soldiers stationed inSigned Secretary Linen Press, John Gough, American, Charleston. These regiments participated in the Anglo- 1766-1811. Charleston, SC. Figured Mahogany linen press Cherokee War of 1761, part of the larger French and Indianwith secretary drawers, dentil molded pediment and War. The horn records the pertinent places of the Britishset with pomegranate rosettes. While similar to many and Cherokee encounters. A striking view of the city ofCharleston double forms, this linen press with secretary Charleston and major rivers are illustrated at the bottomdrawer distinguishes itself with a chalk inscription on of the horn. Illustrated along the top of the horn are athe top of its lower case. The inscription refers to its string of Cherokee towns along the Little Tennessee Rivermaker, John Gough (1766-1811), a freed African American that were razed by the British. The basic floor plan of Fortcabinetmaker. Gough not only secured a livelihood Prince George, where the 95th Regiment was stationed forin cabinet making, but also served in the American their incursions into Cherokee country, also is depicted. Revolution, owned several properties and slaves and gained Purchased for Historic Charleston Foundation by anfinancial success in land transactions in Charleston. Today, anonymous donor.this secretary linen press remains the sole testament of Chair, circa 1800. Probably English and descended in theJohn Goughs craftsmanship. Gift of an anonymous donor. Russell-Middleton family. Gift of Ms. Hope MiddletonTwo Slipper Chairs,mid-19th century American, Wood.descended in the Joseph Daniel Aiken Family. Gift of Mr. Preston Wilson. HISTORIC CHARLESTON FOUNDATION 15 2019 ANNUAL REPORT'