b'By Cashion DroletDutch DialoguesCharlestonChief Advocacy OfficerCharleston is a water city.Since Charlestons founding in 1670, our settlement andDutch Dialogues Charleston became a collaborative effort development patterns have been defined by nature andbymanyindividuals,organizationsandprofessionals the confluence of the tidal rivers that shape our city. Waterin the Charleston community to create a roadmap for has been a key contributor to the visual appeal, history andresiliencethatreducesflooding,whileensuringthat economic success of Charleston. However, as CharlestonCharlestons iconic historic resources and sense of place has grown and prospered, the need to adapt to water,endure. The experienced designers, landscape architects, live with it and make space for it has become increasinglyarchitects,engineers,plannersandgeographerswho evident.comprised the team understand that a new approach to Over the past decade, higher than average tides, sea levelwater is needed. rise, increased stormwater events, nuisance flooding andThe Dutch Dialogues process commenced in early 2019 and extreme weather have become the new reality. Sea levelincluded research and mapping, stakeholder engagement, intheCharlestonHarborhasrisenoverafootinthedata collection and analysis, and development of creative last 100 years; and over the last five years, Charlestondesign solutions, culminating in the release of the final experienced eight of the top 15 highest tides ever recordedreport in September of 2019.in Charlestons history (many of these were not associatedLand that was once naturally wet, will be wet again; with storms). Consequently, the City has increased its seaas heard so often in the DDC workshops: water has level rise projections to 2-3 feet over the next 50 years. memory.Operatingfromthatpremise,theDDC Muchisatriskduetofloodingandsealevelriseinprocess defines a layered planning approach to assist Charlestoninvaluable cultural and historic resources,Charleston in facing growth pressuresassessing water economic prosperity, precious lives and the homes andrisk from the sea and sky, and overcoming its flooding communities of so many people who love this place. It is critical to stop and reexamine our land uses practices, planning,infrastructure,resourcesandstrategyfor addressing the imminence of rising water. HistoricCharlestonFoundationisattheforefrontof this conversation and, in partnership with the City of Charleston, has convened the right voices and expertise to help Charleston develop strategies to live with water. At the outset, HCF quickly recognized that there was a need to change the approach and engage the expertise of communities who have implemented innovative flood mitigation tools and bring that experience to Charleston. A renewed focus on resiliency and long-term planning for water was necessary, and the Dutch Dialogues process was identified as the ideal resource for Charleston to address these issues.HISTORIC CHARLESTON FOUNDATION 5 2019 ANNUAL REPORT'