b'In a provocative forum on tourism management, the Foundation convened experts to discuss sustainable tourism practices as the rising number of visitors continue to put pressure on Charlestons infrastructure and quality of life. During a panel moderated by Robert Behre (seated, far left) of The Post and Courier, Michael Tall, President of Explore Charleston, discussed visitation numbers and the economic impact of the tourism sector in Charleston. He was joined by Melissa Biggs-Bradley, CEO and Founder of Indagare, a boutique luxury travel agency known for its sustainable tourism practices, and a board member of the Center for Responsible Travel. Nico Mulder, Marketing Strategist for Amsterdam & Partners also participated. Mulder developed the popular IAmsterdam Campaign promoting sustainable tourism. The event was sponsored by Ann and Tony Merck.Serving as a key member of the Hotel Task Force,Addressing tourism management by urgingDefending the public process with a strong which led to the adoption of an expanded Hotelthe City to hold a public meeting on thecoalition representing Charleston in oral Ordinance Amendment, which further limits theimplementation of the updated Tourismarguments before the South Carolina Supreme number of hotels and ensures a diverse mix ofManagement Plan. Subsequently, HCF hosted aCourt regarding the legal standing of uses on the peninsula, and generates revenue forcommunity-wide forum on Sustainable Tourismpreservation, conservation and neighborhood the development of affordable housing. with internationally renowned experts whogroups in the appeal of the proposed Union Defeating an application to the BZA that wouldbrought insight on how to balance tourismPier cruise ship terminal.allow for the short-term rental of unleasedwith residential quality of life. The FoundationSuccessfully opposing a proposal from the apartments, and opposing legislation at the stateis discussing key takeaways with ExploreSouth Carolina Department of Transportation level that would remove local governmentsCharleston and the Citys Tourism Office.to re-work a portion of Ashley River Road ability to create short-term rental regulations. Continuing a leadership role on the issuein Dorchester County that called for the of affordable housing through the Palmettodestruction of the majestic tree canopy along Community Land Trust, a program HCF helpedthe historic corridor in order to widen the lanes.establish, The Trust received access to $3M in funding to further housing initiatives. HISTORIC CHARLESTON FOUNDATION 4 2019 ANNUAL REPORT'