b'Individual Donors(continued)Lamar Grimmitt Mr. and Mrs. Luke Rapach Becky Bartley Carolyn K. Graupner Mr. and Mrs. Donald MillerMr. and Mrs. David L. Grumman Mr. and Mrs. I. Mayo Read, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Norman H. Bell Dr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Greenberg Gale Mishoe and W. Lenny BlevinsMr. and Mrs. James Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Reitman Colton Benford Dr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Gwinn Elfrida MooreFrances Gascoyne Hanahan F. Kimball Joyner and Derek C. Riggs Mr. and Mrs. James Berg Adam Hagg John MooreMr. and Mrs. Chad Hanes Mr. and Mrs. Karl Riner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Berman Mr. and Mrs. D. Maybank Hagood Mr. and Mrs. Tyre H. MooreMr. and Mrs. George S. Hartley Charles E. Roemer Kelly Bilek Mrs. Benjamin A. Hagood Judith Morast-MorinMr. and Mrs. Steven E. Harvey Dr. and Mrs. Hudson C. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Black Mr. and Mrs. Chappell Halstead Deborah MorganElle Haynes Louise Rogers Patrick Bradley Mr. and Mrs. William Hamilton Leigh MoringTerri Henning Mr. and Mrs. Harry Root Lynne Brahler Toya Hampton Mr. and Mrs. Rodolph D. Moseley, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Wesley D. Henry Shannon Runquist Mr. and Mrs. W. Walker Brock Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Hanger Mr. and Mrs. Walter O. MuellerDr. Michael Hoffman Catherine M. Russell Dr. and Mrs. G. Stephen Buck Shirley Hanson-Smith Mr. and Mrs. Joey MurphyMr. and Mrs. John B. Howard Garrett Rust Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Butler Robert F. Hayes Vicky Murphy2019 ANNUAL REPORT HISTORIC CHARLESTON FOUNDATIONIngeborg H. Jaffray Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rutledge Charlotte Caldwell and Jeffrey H. Schutz Louise Heikes and Roy Liebman Deborah NelsonThomas Jakups Mr. and Mrs. Keith Saylor Mr. and Mrs. James Calvert Carole Hennessey Anthony ParkerDonald Kenney Michelle Schmitter Elaine Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Hines C. Lee PeelerDr. and Mrs. George P. Keogh Jane Schwab Judith A. Canonico Lahnice Hollister N. Blair PhillipsSally Knab Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Seidler Mr. and Mrs. Carl Carlson Nancy Holt V Adm. Douglas C. PlateCarolyn Kolconay Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shupert, III Mrs. Robert S. Cathcart III Louise Jardine Dr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Powers, Jr.Susan Kridler Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Stecker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George L. Christopher Amelia E. Jenkins Mary PrangeHilde Kuck Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stelling Dominic Cioffoletti Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson Elizabeth Prioleau and Howard WootenLin Laffitte Belinda Strazzini Kelly Clark Harry Johnson Dr. Katharine Purcell 20Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lane Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Phil Clarke Dr. Lynn Jones and Mr. Roger Bombard Barbara RadunskyLillian B. Law Col. and Mrs. Paul J. Sykes Eleanor Coene and Glenn Mackles Diane Kabat James RamsayMr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Lax Dr. and Mrs. William F. Terry Keith Connolly Ferris Kaplan Dr. and Mrs. James M. RavenelMr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lindstrom Richard W. Thaler Mr. and Mrs. James D. Corr LTC and Mrs. Robert J. Karrer, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. B. Owen Ravenel, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Rick Luebke Claire Theobald Michele A. Costanzo James Kazmerskie Mr. and Mrs. David ReegDr. and Mrs. Harold A. Manger Cynthia J. Walter J. Mitchell CrosbyMr. and Mrs. Harry Keefe Mr. and Mrs. W. Shannon ReidMr. and Mrs. Peter A. Mani III Mary Walters Dottie Crymes Sharon Knapp Mr. and Mrs. David H. Rembert, Jr.Lindsay Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Culver, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. David Knox II David RingelsteinMr. and Mrs. William M. Massie, Jr. Martha Waters Anne M. Daniell Carlene Kulisch Harriet RipinskyGlynda McAleer Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Williams Bud Dare Courtney Lamendola Mr. and Mrs. John RivenburghMr. and Mrs. David McCracken Dr. Tara Williams Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Dawson, Jr. Gisele Landry Jill RizzoKay Meek Mr. and Mrs. F. Preston Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Jeff DeHart Ruthann Lawson Mr. and Mrs. B. Boykin RoseMr. and Mrs. Bryan J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Wythe R. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeKorte Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Lee Dr. and Mrs. David RosenRev. and Mrs. Jeffrey Miller Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Wincott Dr. Laura Duffy Elizabeth Lipscomb Mr. and Mrs. Eric RossMary Ellen Millhouse James Wolitarsky Jeffrey Dungan Cara White Lowrimore Peggy RuppertLinda K. Minson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Wood Nathalie DuPree and Jack Bass Mr. and Mrs. Peter Loy Mr. and Mrs. Leo RussoThe Hon. and Mrs. Michael A. Molony Mr. and Mrs. Martin I. Yonas Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Eiserhardt, Jr. James Lucas William SalisburyMarianne B. Moorer and David J.Renee Fackler Mrs. John G. MacDougal Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Salmons, Jr.Roberts ADVOCATE ($75 - $149) Randall E. Felkel James Maloney Dr. and Mrs. Keith SandersAnne D. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Christian Albert Mr. and Mrs. Darrell C. Ferguson Marc Marchant David SavardMr. and Mrs. William M. Oakley Jennifer J. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Fiederowicz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Maybank Nicholas ScarboroughMr. and Mrs. Marc Oberdorff Landon Anderson Deborah Getter Mr. and Mrs. John McFadden Julie SchoenbergerMr. and Mrs. Phillip Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Ascue Mr. and Mrs. David Gilkeson Robin McKenna Mr. and Mrs. Richard SerrinsMr. and Mrs. Kurt Palmer Lee Ann Bain Susan Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Earl McMillen III John Shannon and Curtis EstesDr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Pinckney Mr. and Mrs. Archibald E. Baker Beth A. Gragg and W. Mason Young Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Mehaffey Mr. and Mrs. Barry ShearHelen Powell Tonya Barnett Vincent Graham Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Stan Shelton'