b'Festival of Houses& GardensThe Festival of Houses and Gardens is a labor of love for so many extraordinarily generous homeowners. They exhibit the finest in Southern hospitality by opening their lovely houses to visitors, and provide the Foundation with the honor of using their houses to demonstrate the value of historic preservation. The Festival would not be possible without their support:27 State B&B Mr. and Mrs. Brent Hamilton Harlan M. Greene and Jonathan D. RayAiken Rhett House Mrs. Christopher Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Sonny RayPatricia AltschulErika and Skip Wallace Redeemer Presbyterian ChurchMr. and Mrs. John J. Avlon Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Horan Mr. and Mrs. W. Mason ReesMr. and Mrs. Robert John Barnes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ozey K. Horton Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Claron A. Robertson IIISusan Bass and Tom Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Hubbell Mr. and Mrs. Randal M. RobinsonMr. and Mrs. William R. Beak Dr. and Mrs. Carter Hudgins Mrs. Marsha S. Russell and Mr. O. Lee TawesStevenson Bennett Martha Rivers Ingram Andrea Schenk and John W. Zinsser Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Bergan John Rutledge House Inn Mr. and Mrs. Scholnick-SchwaiboldBishops House Dr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Johnson III Linda Wall and Jim Schwab Dr. and Mrs. Walter Blessing Mrs. Frederick Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Dyson ScottJ.E. Bradham Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Keigher Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. SeegerLt. General & Mrs. Colby Broadwater Dr. and Mrs. George P. Keogh Caroline R. SeitzMr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Brush Mr. and Mrs. John D. Kiser Mr. and Mrs. Whitemarsh S. Smith IIIMr. and Mrs. Carl Carlson Nancy Klein Mr. and Mrs. George B. SmytheMrs. Robert S. Cathcart III The Hon. and Mrs. John R. KuhnSouth Carolina Society HallMr. and Mrs. Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lane St. Johannes Lutheran ChurchCharleston County Courthouse Penelope Leighton and John H. Hurshman St. Johannes Lutheran Church ParsonageElizabeth Farley Clark Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt St. Stephens Episcopal ChurchClassical American Homes Preservation Trust Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lione Mr. and Mrs. Jacien L. SteeleMr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clement III Luxury Simplified Brianna StelloDr and Mrs Charles Edward Corley III Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lyddan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brys StephensMr. and Mrs. Marco Corona Sharon MacDonald Renee C. StewartDr. and Mrs. Charles L. Cornwell Gerard MaDan Mr. and Mrs. Charles SullivanMr. and Mrs. E. Bart Daniel Margaret Malaspina and Derrick Niederman Thomas F. TaftMrs. Louis Y. Dawson III Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Mansheim Richard W. Thaler Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Giulio Della Porta Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marshall Mrs. W. Leigh Thompson, Jr.Carolyn Dietrich Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm M. McAlpin Two Meeting Street InnMr. and Mrs. Fitz H. Dove Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. McLoughlin Mr. and Mrs. Henry Manning Unger Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Fiederowicz Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. McSpadden Mr. and Mrs. G. Trenholm WalkerMr. and Mrs. Peter F. Finnerty Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Meares Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. WatkinsFisher House Mr. and Mrs. John Mentavlos Dr. and Mrs. A. Peter C WeissMarie Gross and Kevin M. FitzgeraldJulia Merck and Hans Utsch Mr. and Mrs. David A. WesterlundPatricia Fleming Sandra Mohlmann Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. WhiteMr. and Mrs. Samuel Franklin Ellen Leigh Murray Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner F. WillisMrs. Eric G. Friberg Olga M. Page Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy N. WillitsGlen GardnerMr. and Mrs. William Patterson Mr. and Mrs. F. Preston WilsonMr. and Mrs. Robert Gebhardt Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Pelzer Mr. and Mrs. John WittyMr. and Mrs. David O. Gilkeson Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Peters, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald WymanGovernors House Inn Mr. and Mrs. Mason T. Pope Mr. and Mrs. Rutledge YoungMrs. George E. Grimball, Jr. Powder Magazine Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. ZiffDr. and Mrs. Charles J. Gudas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Rash, Jr.HISTORIC CHARLESTON FOUNDATION 11 2019 ANNUAL REPORT'