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Foundation Matters

The Lost Architecture: December Edition

Posted: January 9, 2020

The Advent Church of Charleston (a/k/a Holy Trinity Church), 272 St. Philip Street, ca. 1963. There’s no history of this church in HCF’s Archives. All that’s known is that it was demolished for the construction of the Crosstown. Any additional information you can share about this building will be appreciated! See this photo and many others showing the buildings lost or otherwise impacted by the construction of the Crosstown and other roads on the Lowcountry Digital Library.


One response to “The Lost Architecture: December Edition”

  1. Alex Pappas says:

    a/k/a Holy Trinity Church at 272 St. Philip St is/was the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Parish’s sanctuary until the early ’50s when the “new” Church was built nearby at 30 Race Street. I will prowl the archives of the Parish to get more history.

    More later…

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