Historic Charleston Foundation House Museums | Charleston, SC

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The Places & People That Helped Shape Charleston

The past is everywhere you look in Charleston – triumphs and tragedies, beauty and brutality, infused in art and architecture and etched in stone. We believe that every memory, every place, every story woven together is who we are. So, as a people and culture, we exist not apart from brick and mortar, marsh and mud, cobblestone and wrought iron, but together with – and within them. That’s part of what makes our historic properties so compelling and exciting. Not only are these spaces the perfect exhibition space for our fine and decorative art collections, they also reveal stories about our history, our culture, who we were – and who we are now.

Museum News

Back to School for Historic Charleston Foundation! A Year in Review with Carin Bloom

As the new school year starts, we highlight a few of our most impactful student visits from the past year to showcase the range of custom-designed tours that can be…

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The Ten Mile Community: A Community of Survivors Leads the Fight for Preservation

It’s easy to get caught up in the front-page projects happening downtown—developments like Union Pier, 295 Calhoun, or the Four Seasons are dramatic and dominate the headlines of local papers…

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A Restoration Journey for Painting and Frame: “Bandits” by Salvator Rosa

After a long restoration journey, the painting “Bandits” by Salvator Rosa (1615-1673) and its frame have returned to the art gallery of the Aiken-Rhett House Museum. Said to have been…

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