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Foundation Matters

Navy Yard Charleston Oral History Collection

Posted: July 7, 2023

Navy Yard Charleston and Historic Charleston Foundation have recently completed a series of Oral History videos capturing an otherwise undocumented picture of Charleston’s Navy Base story though first-hand accounts.  Told through the lens of a “witness to history”, the collection of Oral History videos highlight the significant experiences and impact of the Navy Yard. Completed videos will be held in the Margaretta Childs Archives Collection at Historic Charleston Foundation.

For more information about Navy Yard Charleston, visit their website at


Part 1:

Dedicated to the Fleet: The African American Experience


Part 2:

Dedicated to the Fleet: The Future


Part 3:

Dedicated to the Fleet: The Work


Part 4:

Dedicated to the Fleet: Women of The Navy Yard


Part 5:

Dedicated to the Fleet: The Community


Video production courtesy of Thesis Content


Navy Yard Charleston

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