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Tangled Roots

As the title of this series, Tangled Roots, implies, we are all interconnected, and this is especially true in the deeply rooted community of Johns Island. These shared bonds emerge from priorities based in faith, family and community; they reveal a resilient spirit of activism with a focus on egalitarianism.

The oral histories included as part of the Tangled Roots project are an intimate, and sometimes painful, look into the experiences, memories and personal stories of the five participants. New generations will view these oral histories inside classrooms to learn more about the history and importance of Johns Island from those who experienced it firsthand. Accompanying lesson plans are available for educators to download.

The Tangled Roots project was made possible by the generosity of Laura Stringfellow Wilson who selected Historic Charleston Foundation as a beneficiary of the Elizabeth H. Stringfellow Estate. Ms. Wilson designated that these funds from her mother’s estate be put towards a Johns Island focused program to benefit local students and schools.

Lesson Plans