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Working To Ensure Quality of Life For All

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Advocacy In Action

We’re regularly engaged in community issues – from the protection of historic buildings to quality of life issues that threaten the character of the community. Our advocacy team regularly attends Board of Architectural Review meetings, Planning Commission meetings and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings. It’s our belief through these advance collaborative meetings, issues and concerns are often resolved before a project’s submittal to the city.

Additionally, our staff meets several times a month with various developers and architects to discuss specific development and historic preservation projects coming before the Board of Architectural Review or Planning Commission. We’re proud to support development that’s consistent with adopted city planning policy.

Community Issues News

October Advocacy Updates

Preservation Priorities Task Force Releases Climate and Sustainability Issue Brief HCF Chief Advocacy Officer Cashion Drolet is currently serving on the national Preservation Priorities Task Force’s Sustainability and Climate Action…

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Perimeter Protections: Preliminary Findings by the Dutch Dialogues Team

Few would argue that the Charleston peninsula needs a comprehensive strategy for combating sea level rise and persistent flooding. The Army Corps’ recommendation is a perimeter sea wall stretching from Magnolia…

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City Council Workshop on Laurel Island PUD and Eastside Smokestacks

HCF is adamantly opposed to partial or total demolition of the smokestacks, as they are a defining feature of the Eastside’s skyline and represent some of the last vestiges of…

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Archaeological digs help answer questions about Charleston’s history that documentary records alone cannot provide.

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Ashley River Historic Corridor

We’ve been at the forefront of efforts to protect the nationally significant historic Ashley River Corridor and lead the expansion of the National Register-designated Ashley River Historic District from approximately 7,000 to 24,000 acres.

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Easements are a successful tool that help protect a historic property by safeguarding its historic character, materials and significance.

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Edmunds Endangered Property Fund

We were the first organization in the country to develop a revolving fund as a preservation strategy.

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Housing Affordability

To protect the cultural character of our neighborhoods, we’ve embarked upon a housing affordability initiative.

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Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative

The goal of the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative is to stabilize neighborhoods by securing the future of their historic structures and community.

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