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Winter 2020-21 Archives Update

Posted: February 23, 2021

ATTENTION ALL RESEARCHERS! Since the last Archives update of Spring 2020, many new items have been added to the Archives/Library, including property information, books and reports, photographs, and more. Here are some of the new additions:




 Alice & Eddie at Peachtree Plantation

… AND MUCH MORE! Remember to search the Online Catalog when studying historic properties in Charleston, where you’ll find records describing the thousands of items in Historic Charleston Foundation’s Archives that may be useful for your research. The catalog is updated on a regular basis, so please check often. Contact Karen Emmons for more information.


2 responses to “Winter 2020-21 Archives Update”

  1. Alexander Malcolm GATEWOOD says:

    I am researching my Family history and I have found that my Great Great Grandfather is
    William Cunningham Gatewood.
    Any information you can supply would be appreciated. I can supply information regarding his son, William Alexander Gatewood. This is somewhat limited as I cannot find his birth place or how he came to be in Liverpool although he was a mariner.
    The various wars in U.S. history makes it difficult to research earlier ancestors.
    Alexander Malcolm Gatewood

    • Holland Williams says:

      Hi. We do not keep genealogy files; only files on historic buildings. You may want to check SC Room at Chas County Library or SC Historical Society. Good luck!

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