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Foundation Matters

The Lost Architecture: December Edition

Posted: December 31, 2018

This featured building was located at the northwest corner of Rutledge Avenue and Calhoun Street, 129 Rutledge Avenue.  It was constructed by 1842, possibly by John S. Richardson, and was a three-and-a-half-story house constructed of red brick laid in Flemish bond. The Creticos family operated it as a grocery store for over 50 years. It was demolished in 1971 after it was purchased by St. Francis Xavier Hospital. (Source: HCF Archives Property File.)


2 responses to “The Lost Architecture: December Edition”

  1. Debra Kapetanich Bullerjahn says:

    How sad. It just about brings me to tears to see such a lovely building lost forever.
    Here in Wisconsin, we place little to no value on Historic Preservation, until it was too late. I protested up to the 1980’s to save buildings, only to discover they were demolished in the dark of night by contractors from CHICAGO, IL
    I have visited and fallen in love with your historic district. Please provide me with information as to how I can help preserve other historic buildings.
    Perhaps someday, I can visit your fair city as a volunteer, and spend several months.

  2. Dean Mamalakis says:

    As one of the many grandchildren around, I have fond memories of life in the home my mother (the only Creticos family member still alive) grew up in, right up to the point my grandmother and great uncle, who up till then, still ran the ground floor store, had to leave. While it is ashame that this historic building was not saved for future generations, it had suffered major structural damage due to shifting shallow foundations in 1970/71 where it actually split the home right through the middle and could not be saved.

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