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Foundation Matters

Perimeter Protections: Preliminary Findings by the Dutch Dialogues Team

Posted: January 6, 2021

In their analysis of the proposed sea wall, the Waggonner & Ball team worked alongside City staff and the Army Corps project team to review the project outcomes to date and make a technical analysis. Importantly (and something that HCF recommended in our comments to the Corps last spring), the team divided the peninsula into logical sections and tailored their analysis and design criteria for each phase.

The Scope of the W&B Analysis:

According to the National Weather Service Coastal Flood Event Database, 2019 and 2020 produced the highest number of tidal flooding events on record for the Charleston Harbor. Collectively, increased tidal flooding events like we’ve experienced these past two years, increasing storm frequency and intensity, and the reality of sea level rise mean that Charleston must weigh every measure to preserve our city, especially if we can secure significant federal funding. HCF continues to view this Army Corps project as a massive opportunity to protect the peninsula for the long term.

One response to “Perimeter Protections: Preliminary Findings by the Dutch Dialogues Team”

  1. Anne Janas says:

    thank you for keeping in close touch with this critical issue and then communicating it condensed, understandable form.
    Very much appreciated.

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