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Harborside History: Episode 1

Posted: January 31, 2022

Welcome to Harborside History, a new digital preservation project from Historic Charleston Foundation! This video series will be accompanied each month by a blog, and you can find both right here on our website and on YouTube, or you can grab a link from our Facebook or Instagram. The start of this digital preservation initiative coincides with Historic Charleston Foundation’s 75th Anniversary, and will run long past the year’s end. We hope you’ll come along and join us to learn more about the places, people, objects, and stories that make up the history of the Lowcountry.  

Over the coming months you’ll be invited to experience wide-ranging historical topics relating to Charleston and its surrounds. Our first episode, featured during February, Black History Month, will center on Race Week in Charleston and the experiences of all those who were involved, whether by choice or by force. March – Women’s History Month – will take a deep dive into the story of one particular woman who was part of the Aiken-Rhett Household, and April will reflect on Historic Charleston Foundation’s 75 years of Preservation, Advocacy, and Education with an eye to our future! 

We’re excited to have you along for our journeys through time and we sincerely hope that each episode makes you think something, feel something, and learn something. Make sure to interact on our social channels, and drop your questions and suggestions in the comments; we’re happy to expand upon anything that interests you! Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube and follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for watching, and remember to look around you – history is happening every day! 


2 responses to “Harborside History: Episode 1”

  1. Sherrie Hitchcock says:

    Did this program stop after 4 episodes?

    • Liza Holian says:

      Hello! It did not! All available episodes are available on our YouTube page (@HistoricChas). Episodes slowed during the summer but two new episodes will be released this month!

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