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Foundation Matters

The Butterfly Book Nook

Posted: October 12, 2017

HCF is proud to support Enough Pie, the First African Evangelical Christian Church and the John L. Dart Library in establishing the Butterfly Book Nook garden, coming to the North Central neighborhood in 2018. The revitalization project, located next to the First African Church on King Street, will honor librarian Cynthia Graham Hurd, lifelong resident of the North Central community, who died in the Mother Emanuel tragedy, and who lived, educated and dreamed in this neighborhood. The garden, which will serve as both a community-building space and a pollinator garden, is further supported by New Israel Church and will be a sister garden to Romney Urban Garden. The green space will feature native pollinator plants, a sheltered reading nook, painted mural and community kiosk. HCF is excited to see positive community energy emanating from our work on Romney Street! These efforts provide excellent educational opportunities for the library, schools and daycare centers in the vicinity and serve as safe gathering places for the neighborhood.

The John L. Dart Library, in collaboration with Perrin Woodworking, seeks to transform the existing shelter on the property into an outdoor reading nook that will function as a space for storytelling, reading and imagination. The project also includes plans to turn the 70-foot fence located on the property into a painted mural. A local artist will be commissioned to collaborate with local children on the design. The last piece of the project is a tri-walled community kiosk designed to function as an informative bulletin board, bookshelf and “speak your peace” chalkboard.

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