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Foundation Matters

This didn’t happen by accident…

Posted: September 6, 2023

Francis Edmunds, HCF Founder, at the Russell House, ca. 1955

As we head into the autumn season, our calendars fill up with social, civic, family, work and other obligations that keep us extremely busy. It is easy to be consumed by our daily to-do lists that are easy to digest and to put aside the time-consuming, larger issues that take a lot longer to comprehend, analyze, and resolve. Ironically, those longer-term issues are usually the ones that have the greatest impact on our lives and our communities. Since 1947, Historic Charleston Foundation has led the preservation charge with a consistent and strategic focus on public policies and comprehensive plans that affect the Charleston region. The Foundation’s strong commitment to advocacy, preservation, and education in Charleston and the Lowcountry means we are proactively seeking solutions to address emerging issues. We have always been and continue to remain at the table demanding careful consideration for all projects and initiatives that have the potential to erode the historic fabric that makes Charleston so special and beloved.

April Wood, HCF Easements Manager, tours work on a historic property

If you are reading this newsletter, I would wager that you love the unique culture, architecture, rich history, and ambiance of Charleston and the Lowcountry. I can tell you that the preservation of Charleston’s stunning neighborhoods, cobblestone streets, cultural sites, garden treasures, and reminders of our nation’s history did not happen by accident. These things have been protected by Historic Charleston Foundation’s steadfast focus on finding solutions for the larger, constantly emerging issues that have threatened the community since the 1940s. There is a reason Charleston is so valuable and loved by many, near and far, and HCF is committed to monitoring those longer-term issues.

An investment in HCF is an investment in your community and ensures there will still be a watchful eye protecting the historic fabric of the Lowcountry. Please consider a gift to HCF today. Thank you for powering our work.

-From the desk of Blair Phillips, Director of Development

Ways to give:

June 7 meeting on Union Pier

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