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Mr. Gator Hits the Beach

Mr. Gator Hits the Beach

Sku: 551235

Grab your sunglasses and feel the sand between your toes as you follow Mr. Gator on another wild and delightful adventure. Bored with his summer on the lake, Mr. Gator accepts a surprise invitation from his old friend, Big Al, to vaction at his place on Bull Island. While he's traveling up the Intracoastal Waterway, Mr. Gator's vaction plans are interrupted when he meets Lilly, the loggerhead sea turtle. Intrigued with Lilly's talk of the ocean, Mr. Gator decides to take a detour and follows Lilly to the Atlantic Ocean for a swim. Nothing but trouble awaits, and Mr. Gator finds once again that there's no place like home. The charming watercolor illustrations capture the natural beauty of the South Carolina coastal region.
Written by Julie McLaughlin
Illustrated by Ann Marie McKay
2008 Legacy Publications
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