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Beholding Nature

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Beholding Nature

Sku: 239364

Imagine that it's first light and quiet, the sun beginning to rise in glorious color ... suddenly, overhead, an eagle flies, soaring on the updraft. Now, imagine that you are the eagle. From either perspective, you'll delight in the images of Beholding Nature.
From graphic, aerial photographs to lush landscapes, vast stormy seascapes and spectacular birds and animals, you'll enjoy each photograph in rich detail and brilliant color. Eric's insights as a master naturalist help set the scene and enhance your experience.
Eric Horan's body of photographic work shows his deep connection to the natural world that surrounds us.
Join the journey and soar with the eagles, Beholding Nature.
Photographs by Photographer Naturalist Eric Horan
Foreword by Doug Gardner, PBS Television Wild Photo Adventures
2016 Lydia Inglett Ltd. Publishing
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