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Photography Collection

Charleston Buildings


B&W photographs of various buildings in Charleston and vicinity. Except where indicated, J. McWilliams, photographer. None are dated.

Aiken Rhett House, 4 photos: interior room, reflection of painting of Harriett Lowndes Aiken in mirror, stairway, exterior/southwest elevation (shown in this record) (Charleston Museum sign in front dates photo to pre-1995)

McLeod Plantation, 2 photos (shown in this record): row of slave cabins, slave cabin interior with fireplace

Col. John Ashe House (32 South Battery), 5 photos, unattributed: exteriors (one shown in this record), piazza detail, aerial view, view of carriage house (shown in this record)

14 Amherst Street, 1 photo: house under repair, with stabilization beams supporting sides of house

Blake Tenements (2-4 Courthouse Square), 2 photos: exterior, interior room with fireplace and mantel

Charles Drayton House (25 East Battery), 2 photos, unattributed: street elevation, detail of third story balcony (shown in this record)

Market Hall, 7 photos: south elevation, northeast (corner) elevation, interior rooms, ceiling medallion, exterior stairs with iron hand railings (shown in this record), detail of south rear wall with stucco damage exposing brick (shown in this record)

Porcher-Simonds House (29 East Battery), 1 photo, unattributed: view of Cooper River from 2nd floor piazza

Robert William Roper House (9 East Battery), 2 photos, unattributed: street elevations

Snee Farm (Mt. Pleasant), 3 photos (shown in this record): exterior, interior room with fireplace and mantel, interior center hall with arched entryway

34 South Battery, 3 photos, unattributed: street elevations (one shown in this record), aerial view

Villa Margherita (4 South Battery), 1 photo, unattributed: street elevation