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Photography Collection

South Adger's Wharf Excavations


119 digital photographs (on DVD) of the excavations of South Adgers Wharf in search of a brick intermediary redan of the wall that fortified Charleston.

The long anticipated and highly successful archaeological dig in South Adger's Wharf at East Bay Street was begun on January 3, 2008, and lasted for nearly two weeks. The excavations yielded up important information about the colonial fortifications, as well as the Lower market that was located on the site in the last half of the 18th century. The project also generated a great deal of interest in the community and an almost overwhelming number of early artifacts. The archaeology was conducted by Eric Poplin and crew from Brockington and Associates and by Martha Zierden and Ron Anthony of The Charleston Museum under the auspices of the Mayor's Walled City Task Force. The City of Charleston provided the bulk of the funding. Additional funding was provided by the Post and Courier Foundation and private donors with in-kind support coming from Charleston Water System in the form of equipment and crew and by Historic Charleston Foundation with signage, educational materials and staff time. HCF has also acted as the fiscal agent for the project. We were joined by over forty volunteers and hundreds of onlookers each day. The excavations also received a great deal of media coverage with a number of segments produced by Debi Chard at Live 5 News, and newspaper articles by Robert Behre of the Post and Courier just to name a few. To see photos of the excavations and to read more about the project and how it progressed day by day, go to (see Multimedia Link).

Photo #1 (left to right): Blair Stec, Martha Zierden, Andrew Agha, Eric Poplin, Jimmy Lefebre, Nic Butler, Katherine Saunders, and Ron Anthony (kneeling).