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Photography Collection

286 Calhoun Street (Jonathan Lucas House)


Eighteen photographs of 286 Calhoun Street (Jonathan Lucas House), interior only.

Photographer's description/note(s):

1) 1st floor entry from portico

2) 1st floor hall, entry [pictured here]

3) 1st floor, typical door from hall to other rooms

4) 1st floor hall looking N to stair hall [pictured here]

5) 1st floor hall stair hall arch and hall cornice detail

6) 1st floor hall, stair details (note hall wainscot runs behind and through door to basement; originally this door and enclosing wall of wood was not there and windows had a bottom sash)

7) 1st floor SE room, N wall

8) 1st floor SE room, half mantel detail [pictured here]

9) 1st floor SE room, N wall cornice detail [pictured here]

10) 1st floor SE room, S wall cornice

11) 1st floor SE room, door to hall in west wall

12) 1st floor SW room, N wall

13) 1st floor SW room, door to hall

14) 1st floor SW room, cornice and door entablature

15) 1st floor SW room, mantel detail

16) 1st floor NE room, S wall mantel

17) 2nd floor stair hall landing

18) 3rd floor stair hall landing

A sample of photos appears in this record.