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Sweetgrass Basket Ornament

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Sweetgrass Basket Ornament

Sku: 290990

Sweetgrass basket making has been a part of the Charleston heritage for over three centuries. They are made from sweetgrass, palmetto, long pine needles, and bulrush. This tradition was brought to the area by the enslaved who came from West Africa and the craft has been passed from generation to generation. These baskets are almost identical in style to the shukublay baskets of Sierra Leone, where learning to coil baskets "so tightly they hold water" was an important rite of passage in West Africa.

Sweetgrass Baskets are a true Charleston treasure and one of the oldest handcrafts of African origin in the United States. these baskets are now among the nation's most prized cultural keepsakes.

Made in the USA exclusively for Historic Charleston Foundation. Our nonprofit status enables customers to enjoy tax-free shopping.

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