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William Aiken House Gate Print

William Aiken House Gate Print

Sku: 119305

456 King Street was purchased by William Aiken Sr. in 1811 from the trustees of the minor James Mackie for $14,000. Aiken was the father of William Aiken Jr. who served as president of the South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company, which began in 1827 in an attempt to regain shipping trade lost to the port of Savannah during the 1820s. The railroad later became part of Norfolk Southern, which still operates its district sales office in part of the house. In 1977, the property was donated to the National Trust for Historic Preservation and now houses its Southern Regional Office. The property is still active today as a favorite location for weddings and events.
Signed artist's print 4x6 with 5x7 mat
Art by George Roberts
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