Historic Charleston Foundation Housing Affordability Program in Charleston, SC

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Housing Affordability

To protect the cultural character of our neighborhoods, we’ve embarked upon a housing affordability initiative. Escalating land values make it challenging for the City's workforce to find housing on the peninsula. When long-time residents are forced to relocate, gentrification occurs, and the cultural character of our neighborhoods is lost. Together with the City of Charleston and other stakeholders, we're establishing a Community Housing Trust to help combat this issue and ensure there are always areas of affordable housing on the peninsula.

Innovative Approach to Peninsula Housing Shortage

In an innovative endeavor akin to a long-term Airbnb, Derek Snook launched CoLife , an online platform linking Charleston-area homeowners with prospective renters looking for furnished rooms and homes to share, for…

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“Missing Middle” Housing, Charleston’s Much-Needed Zoning Overhaul and a New Downtown Plan

Like many of you, we have become exhausted by the never-ending stream of larger and larger development projects occurring not just on the peninsula, but all around the Charleston region….

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Palmetto CLT Affordable Housing Program Adds West Ashley Property

HCF is setting an innovative model that melds historic preservation with permanent affordable housing. A mid-1900s house donated to the Palmetto Community Land Trust (Palmetto CLT), a housing affordability program that…

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