Historic Charleston Foundation Archaeology Program in Charleston, SC

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Archaeological digs help answer questions about Charleston’s history that documentary records alone cannot provide. Unlike history, which relies primarily upon written records and documents to interpret primarily the lives of the elite and literate, archaeology allows us to explore the lives of everyday people through analysis of the things they made and left behind.

The Next Phase of the Kitchen House

As summer is heating up, so are preservation activities at both House Museums thanks in part to the Foundation’s new Museums Advisory Committee. This dedicated group is made up of…

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The Importance of 3D Digital Documentation

Over the last year Historic Charleston Foundation has been working on a project to document one of our historic house museums, the Aiken-Rhett House, using 3D laser scanning. The laser…

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2021 Impact Report

Education Education has always been a key pillar of Historic Charleston Foundation’s work. As we enter our 75th year, our programs gain more importance in reflecting who we are and…

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