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Foundation Matters

The Lost Architecture: June Edition

Posted: July 2, 2018

The answer is 135 Tradd Street. This ca. 1915 house burned to the ground in the late 1930s and was replaced by the house that is there today. The photograph is captioned: “The old 135 Tradd Street house, Ella Walker on porch.” This scant bit of information came from a description of the photograph found online. There is no house history in HCF’s archives, so any information newsletter readers can provide will be welcome!

8 responses to “The Lost Architecture: June Edition”

  1. PC Coker says:

    My understanding is that the 3 newer houses on the corner of Tradd and Lenwood (SE corner) were all built on the cleared lot where this house stood. There was some information on it put on the Facebook page “Charleston History Before 1945”.

    • Eugene Massamillo says:

      We own and live at 133 Tradd. Our house was built 1898-99. The house at 135 Tradd was built in 1906, and the corner house at 137 was built in 1914. It is our understanding the the large house currently located at 84 Lenwood actually had an address of 131 Tradd before the three corner houses were built from 1898-1914. Three houses were built on property split off from 135 Tradd. Then the address for 131 Tradd changed to 84 Lenwood. This makes sense inasmuch as the driveway for 131 Tradd/84 Lenwood still exists and runs from Tradd Street alongside the east side of our property. The house listed as 135 Tradd, therefore, cannot possibly be correct as the 3 houses at that location were built well before the supposed late 1930’s fire.

  2. Kevin Eberle says:

    The house in the photo was 135 Tradd Street. On the 1902 Sanborn maps, that house was still standing on its large lot which had been pared out of the larger property that had been 84 Lenwood.

    The houses are 133, 135, and 137 Tradd Street were all built in 1909 by members of the Ravenel family. On July 10, 1909, the News & Courier ran a story about the new construction that had taken place during the year to date. It specifically listed the three 2 1/2 story frame houses at 133, 135, and 137 Tradd Street having building permits pulled for construction. So, the date of the fire might be wrong, but the address of the house is spot on.

  3. It is correct. Historical maps show the original 135 Tradd located where Logan intersects Tradd. That house burned down and later 3 houses were added on the property. I will send the map to add to the Historic Charleston Foundation showing the location.

  4. The fire had to occur in the 1800’s

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