Charter Day Award Recipients

Frances R. Edmunds Historic Preservation Award

1994 - Frances R. Edmunds

1995 - Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Woodward (Mrs. Charles H.)

1997 - Richard Jenrette

1998 - Elizabeth Jenkins Young

2000 – Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

2001 – Peter Manigault

2002 – Herbert A. DeCosta, Jr.

2005 – Lawrence A. Walker and G. Fraser Wilson

2006 – Thomas E. Thornhill

2007 – Joseph H. McGee

2009 – Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coen

2010 – Staats, Huffman & Forrester Families

2012 – Orlando Ridout V

2016 - John M. Rivers, Jr.


Samuel Gaillard Stoney Craftsmanship Award

1995 - Philip Simmons (ironwork), Rip Bennett (masonry), and Earle Felber (plaster)

1996 - Arthur Mikell (mason and plasterer), John Bivens (woodcarver)

1997 - Herbert DeCosta (contractor)

1998 - Richard Marks (contractor)

1999 - David Hueske (plaster)

2000 – Patty Hettich Roberts (decorative composition and plaster specialist), Liza Mae Hutto (decorative composition and plaster specialist),  Jack Ackerman  (master mason)

2001 – Russell Buskirk (furniture conservation), John Paul Huguley for The School of the Building Arts

2002 – Clarence, A. Bauer, David L. Beckford

2003 – Nigel Johnson, Michael Plate

2004 -  Alan Coopersmith, James Monty Hinson

2005 – Rick Avrett (blacksmith), Joanne Barry, Jason Neville (mason)

2006 – David Dick (window restoration), Robert Hines, H. Tezza, Inc.

2007 – Willie Cook Jr., Alfred L. Crabtree (silver), T.W. Graham III

2008 – Jeremy Boatman (contractor), Stephanie Poe, Joseph L. Wells (roofing)

2009 – Danny Dandridge (contractor), Marion Hunter (conservator)

2010 – Robert Dempsey, David Hoffman (contractor), Jim Rhode (contractor)

2011 – Russell Buskirk, Alfred L. Crabtree, Jr., Leroy Graves, Marion L. Hunter, Nancy Newton, Catherine Rogers, Kathleen Staples  (all for decorative arts conservation)

2012 – David Boatwright (mural painter), Warren Lasch Lab (materials conservation)

2013 - Hoyt Roberts (carpenter), Geno Kollar (locksmith)

2014 - Carl Boone (carpentry), Kaminer Haislip (silverwork), and Michael Moran (woodworking and furniture design)

2015 - Bernard Elliott (plasterwork) and Bill Mehard (metalwork)

2016 - Lawrence Condon (millwork) and Simeon Warren (stone carver & conservator)

2017 - James W. Wigley (Historic Restoration Specialist)


Robert N.S. and Patti Whitelaw Founders Award

1995 -  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Manigault (Miles Brewton House), St. Michael’s Church (restoration of interior and steeple), City of Charleston (billboard ordinance)

1996  - Mr. and Mrs. Parker Gilbert (South Mulberry restoration), Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Johnson (54 Montagu restoration), Mr. Wayland Cato and Ms. Dell Kendall (17 Legare), City of North Charleston (historic resources survey)

1997  - Mr. Don Cameron (Enston Homes), Mr. George McDaniel/Drayton Hall (Ashley River viewshed), Mr. Horry Parker/Vestry (St. James Goose Creek)

1998 -  Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Constance (Chicora Wood ), Charleston Place (Riviera restoration), Hampton Park Terrace Neighborhood Assoc. (Shelley Clarke-Glidewell), Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Bennett (Bradford Horry House)

1999 - Mr. Hank Holliday (Planters Inn and Charleston Market area), Mr. Gedney Howe (Calhoun Mansion), Mr. E. E. Fava (Charleston County Courthouse), Mr. Richard Widman (Wentworth Mansion)

2000 – Charleston County Planning Commission (Mikell Scarborough for Wadmalaw Land Use Plan), Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim (Myles Glick and Stephen Ziff )

2001 – Robert Behre, Celeste and Charles Patrick, Charleston County Council and Friends of the Courthouse

2002 – SC Coastal Conservation League, Lowcountry Open Land Trust, Heritage Trust Program- SCNR, SC Dept of Archives & History, Theodore D. Stoney, Richard S.W. Stoney, Mepkin Abbey, City of Charleston

2003 – Daniel K. Thorne (Friendfield Plantation), Joel Silver (Auldbrass Plantation), Marion and Wayland Cato (Cedar Hill), Glenn Keyes (Cedar Hill, 51 East Bay, Mulberry, 14 Legare, Wm Aiken House), Margaret and John L. Thornton (14 Legare)

2004 – Antony M. Merck (75 King), Spoleto Festival USA (14 George Street), Laura and Steve Gates (59 Meeting), Caroline and Raymond Setiz (39 East Bay)

2005 – L. R. Burtschy & Co. (332 East Bay) and Cindy and Ben Lenhardt (37 Church St.)

2006 – Virginia Dawson Lane (Meyer Peace House addition), Sheila Wertimer (body of work) , Martha Zierden (body of work)

2007 - Susan L. Buck, Ph.D., Mr. and Mrs. John D. Kiser (69 Church Street), Dr. Mary Caroline and Steven P. Stewart (60 Montagu)

2008 - Charles Towne Landing, Circular Congregational Church (Lance Hall addition), Mr. and Mrs. Ozey K. Horton Jr. (Legare Street)

2009 - Eddie Bello (Preservation Plan), Hunter McEaddy, Magnolia Plantation

2010 - 93 and 97 Broad Street, Sword Gate House (32 Legare Street), and The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

2011 - Antony and Ann Long Merck (39 Church), David and Monica Elder (9 Judith) , City Market Preservation Trust (City Market)

2012 - 74 & 76 Queen Street (Husk Restaurant), Ashley Hall Dining Hall, Edward and Marguerite Lenahan (464 Huger St)

2013 - Kevin Eberle (Upper Peninsula), Dr. Nicholas Butler (body of work), Sarah Fick (body of work), Harlan Greene (body of work) and Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission

2014- Charleston County School District (historic rehabilitation and new design of  downtown schools), The City of Charleston & EcoVest (rehabilitation and new construction near the Crosstown), Kress Building (rehabilitation, 281 King Street), and PeopleMatter (Headquarters rehabilitation, 466 and 468 King Street)

2015 - Eddie Bello (174 Meeting Street), William Cogswell (renovation, Cigar Factory), and Steven Niketas (rehabilitation, Westendorff Building)

2016 - Luxury Simplified (rehabilitation, Gadsden House); David Rawle, City of Charleston Parks Department and the Charleston Parks Conservancy (Theodora Park); and American College of the Building Arts (rehabilitation, Trolley Barn)

2017 - Mark Beck (One Broad Street); John Dewberry (The Dewberry (Rivers Federal  Building), 334 Meeting Street); Jill Muti and Ashley Hall (The Elizabeth  Rivers Lewine House for Global Studies, 179 Rutledge Avenue); Angela Mack (Gibbes Museum of Art, 135 Meeting Street)


Special Awards

1999 - Meg Lavin (preservation education); Jessica and Jimmy (HCF masons); Mary Lum (47  Bogard)

1999 – Recognition and Remembrance – Harriet Maybank Rhett Bowen (1906-1998) and Patti Foos Whitelaw (1906-1998)

2001 – Ellen and Ward Smith (Foundation volunteers)

2002 – Richard E. Coen (Cooper Historic District); Easement Donors

2004 – Judy Middleton and Minh Nguyen (25 years); Museum Docents in memory of Adele Wilson; Easement Donors

2007 – Past Presidents and Preservation Plan Sponsors (Post and Courier Foundation)

2009 – Walled City Task Force and Brockington & Associates – Redan Archaeology ; Master Gardeners, Family of Jacob Sass

2011  - The Small Family (NRH Garden); Charleston Habitat for Humanity (NII)

2012  - Lowcountry Digital Library (preservation thru digitization)

2015 - Charles H.P. and Sallie McPherson Duell; Joseph P. Riley, Jr.


Keynote Speakers

2014 - Tom Bradford, Executive Director of Charleston Moves (transportation and mobility in Charleston)

2015 - Andrew Potts, Executive Director of the US Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites

2016 - Jacob Lindsey, Director of the City of Charleston's Department of Planning, Preservation and Sustainability

2017 - The Honorable Joseph P. Riley, Jr., former Mayor, City of Charleston; The Honorable John J. Tecklenburg, Mayor, City of Charleston



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