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St Philips Church Gate Print

St Philips Church Gate Print

Sku: 119350

The gates at St Philips Church were inspired by original British works imported during the late 1700s. While South Carolina remained a British Colony, its art forms were decidedly English, and London styles set the tone for early Charleston. During the 19th century, three German blacksmiths relocated to Charleston and their work changed local designs greatly. Much of the old ironwork of Charleston that survives today is attributed to these three men: J.A.W. Iusti (St Michaels Gates), Christopher Werner (the Sword Gate), and Frederic Julius Ortmann. Werner and Iusti continued to produce works into the late 1800s and were later followed by Philip Simmons who began is career in the 1920s.
Signed artist's print 4x6 with 5x7 mat
Art by George Roberts
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