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Charleston's Ghosts: Hauntings in the Holy City

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Charleston's Ghosts: Hauntings in the Holy City

Sku: 235086

In beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, the dead never truly depart… Simply walking down the ancient cobblestone streets or the palmetto-fringed waterfront, one can sense the crackling, uneasy history of this sultry, romantic city. Unearthly presences gather beneath flickering gas lanterns, and mysterious visions come swimming out of misty alleys; pale mourners gather in headstone-choked churchyards, only to fade away in the pensive night’s gloom. The ghosts are thick on evenings such as these, full of unrequited love and business left unfinished.
Why is Charleston so haunted? Historian and tour guide James Caskey takes you on an in-depth exploration of her gruesome history in this engaging book. Join him as he unravels the chilling details of forty of Charleston’s most infamous ghost stories and Gullah hoodoo, all in a setting famously described as “not only bloodstained and wicked but continuingly unrepentant.” The preeminent authority on Southern ghosts, Caskey combines exhaustive searches of local historical archives and eerie first-hand accounts of spectral activity as experienced by credible eyewitnesses. The result is the definitive collection of Charleston ghost stories in one easily-referenced publication.
Charleston's Ghosts: Hauntings In The Holy City is an enlightening and entertaining journey for anyone interested in delving into the paranormal side of this unique Southern city, from casual tourist to serious ghost hunter. It contains over 50 photos, a detailed map of Charleston’s Historic District, and even street addresses of haunted hotspots, making it the perfect guidebook for the do-it-yourself ghost seeker.
Written by James Caskey
2014 Manta Ray Books
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