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Sunday in the South

Sunday in the South

Sku: 239330

Celebrate the joyous tradition of Sunday dinner as Sunday in the South presents you with a delightful selection of menus, recipes, techniques and table suggestions to help you create many classic, memorable Sunday dinners. Brimming with more than 350 stunning, full color photographs, this unique cookbook is a feast for your eyes as well as your palette. The chapters of "Sunday in the South" profile complete Sunday dinners, each with a theme such as "A Mid Summer Luncheon" or "A Formal Sunday Feast." Tips, techniques and how-to instructions guide you through an array of tasks such as "How to Butterfly a Chicken" or how to arrange a "Fresh Lily Centerpiece." The delectable, uncomplicated recipes are sure to become regular family favorites at your Sunday dinner table.

Sunday dinner in the South is a joyous and time-honored tradition. The Sunday table, filled with sumptuous food and surrounded by family and friends, is a thing of beauty and a welcome oasis in a hurried world. Come to the table and honor old traditions while creating new ones as you rediscover and celebrate the lost art of Sunday dinner.