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Deveaux Bank Seabird Sanctuary

Deveaux Bank Seabird Sanctuary

Sku: 231479

Peveaux is a meditation on the life of a South Carolina sea bird rookery, known as Deveaux Bank, at the mouth of the North Edisto River. Over the past twenty-five years, author and photographer Dana Beach has become intimately familiar with this ephemeral sand bar through experience and research. Here he explains the annual cycle of reproduction and renewal and chronicles, and shares what he has learned from the work of the scientists and conservationists who labor to understand and protect it.
Deveaux Bank is a microcosm of the rich diversity that defines and distinguishes the South Carolina Lowcountry. The challenges that the island and its inhabitants face as human populations expand are common to many fragile and irreplaceable places along the coast. Through stories and images, Beach makes a compelling call to action to save Deveaux and sites like it before they are lost forever under a rising tide of imperceptive humanity.
This book is a project to benefit the Coastal Conservation League.
Photography and text by Dana Beach
2014 Coastal Conservation League in cooperation with University of South Carolina Press
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