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Photography Collection

Missroon House (40 East Bay Street) Before Renovations


Thirteen (13) color slides of the Missroon House (40 East Bay Street), both exterior and interior shots. Likely taken soon after HCF purchased the building for use its headquarters. Slides are date-stamped July 26, 1996.

a: Northwest elevation.

b: Southwest elevation.

c: West elevation, right side.

d: Northeast elevation (parking lot).

e: East elevation, left side, featuring the entrance to the Omar Temple, fire escape, and garden.

f: Second floor landing.

g-j: Third floor. HCF staff in some photos (Betty Guerard, Carter Hudgins, and Jim Crow).

k: Cornice, Reahard Room.

l: Mantel, Reahard Room.

m: Unidentified location.

Item Details

Object ID: EBAY.040.3.6a-m
Creator: Historic Charleston Foundation
Date: 1996
Missroon House (Charleston, S.C.)