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Photography Collection

High Battery Looking North & Meeting Street Looking North from Water Street


Two early 20th century photographs mounted on cardboard:

a: View of the High Battery, looking north. The northeast corner of White Point Gardens (Battery Park) at left, along with the row of East Battery houses, particularly 1 East Battery and 5 East Battery. The Missroon House and its neighbors are seen in the distance. A young man walks on the promenade. Captioned "Sea Wall, Battery, Charleston, S.C."

b: View looking north on Meeting Street from Water Street featuring 43 Meeting Street before the piazzas were removed (bottom left) and 42 Meeting Street (bottom right), along with houses to the north of both. Several mule-drawn carts are traveling on the street, along with pedestrians. Trolley tracks run through the center of the street. Captioned "Meeting Street, Charleston, S.C."

Photographs are mounted on cardboard, photo A at the top and photo B below.

Two photographs on verso of board. Top photo captioned "Rear of George Vanderbilt's Mansion, near Asheville, North Carolina." (Now known as The Biltmore.) Bottom photo shows a series of structures and fenced in areas. Three directional signs for "Caber? Bridge" and "Over the Bridge" posted. Likely in the Asheville Area. Captioned illegible (cut off).