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Photography Collection

Documentation of the South Battery


Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) photographs documenting various South Battery locations and houses. Includes some photogrammetric images. Many of the houses were previously documented; the photographs in this series are for the 1992 Charleston Battery Project. Two volumes in three-ring binders.

South Battery views (HABS No. SC-668), 17 photographs

White Point Gardens, Pavilion (HABS No. SC-687-A), 3 photographs

Louis Desaussure Carriage House (2 South Battery) (HABS No. SC-669), 20 photographs

Villa Margherita (4 South Battery) (HABS No. SC-174), 27 photographs*

William Washington House a/k/a Thomas Savage House (8 South Battery) (HABS No. SC-115), 22 photographs*

William Washington Stable (8 South Battery) (HABS No. SC-115-A), 1 photograph*

William Washington Carriage House (8 South Battery) (HABS No. SC-115-B), 2 photos

Carrington-Carr House (12 Meeting Street) (HABS No. SC 522), 19 photos*

George Robertson House (1 Meeting Street) (HABS No. SC-521), 19 photos*

Stevens-Lathers House (20 South Battery) (HABS No. SC-545), 20 photos*

Nathaniel Russell Middleton House (22 South Battery) (HABS No. SC-670), 13 photos*

24 South Battery (HABS No. SC-671), 11 photos*

Col. John Algernon Sydney Ashe House (26 South Battery) (HABS No. SC-114), 20 photos*

Col. John Algernon Sydney Ashe House Dependencies (HABS No. SC-114-A), 1 photo*

George S. Cook House (28 South Battery) (HABS No. SC 672), 14 photos*

James E. Spear House (30 South Battery) (HABS No. SC-673), 15 photos*

Col. John Ashe House (32 South Battery) (HABS No. SC-321), 17 photos*

Col. John Ashe House Carriage House (HABS No. SC-321-A), 1 photo*

Col. John Ashe House Kitchen Building (HABS No. SC-321-B), 2 photos*

Burckmeyer House a/k/a Gadsden-Burckmeyer House (34 South Battery) (HABS No. SC-674), 10 photos*

*See Note tab