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Photography Collection

Charleston, S.C. [souvenir album]


Souvenir album containing lithographic reproductions of photographs of Charleston buildings, streets, sites, and scenes:

1: "South Bay Street." View of South Battery houses, 30 South Battery in foreground. Horse-drawn carriages on road; pedestrians on sidewalk.

2: "Custom House: Entrance to Ferry / Cooper River." View of the Custom House. Pedestrians on the footpath and mule-drawn wagons in the street. Ferry in the background at right.

3: "Cotton Shipping, Union Wharf." View of Union Wharf servicing the cotton trade. Bales of cotton in foreground, ships in background.

4: "South Battery." View of White Point Gardens with South Battery homes in the background. Pedestrians on footpaths. Horse-drawn carriage on road in front of the park.

5: "Post Office / Market Hall" [two images]. At left, view of the Old Exchange (Old Post Office), looking east on Broad Street. Pedestrians and trolley car on street. At right, Market Hall. Pedestrians and horse-drawn cart on street.

6: "St. Philip's Church / St. Michael's Church" [two images]." At left, view of St. Philip's Church looking north on Church Street. Planter's Hotel (Dock Street Theater) at left. Mule-drawn cart on street. At right, view of St. Michael's Church and the intersection of Broad and Meeting Streets. Pedestrians and horse-drawn trolley car on the street.

7: "View on King Street." Looking north on King Street from 247 King Street (left) and 254 King Street (right). Mule-drawn carts and pedestrians on street.

8: "City Hall [sic] & Washington Square , Pitt Statue." View of Washington Square from the Meeting Street entrance and Fireproof Building (misidentified as City Hall). Image is flipped horizontally. William Pitt statue at left of image. Pedestrians and horse-drawn carriage on street.

9: "French Protestant Church, Circular Church Yard, Ruins of St. Finbar's Cathedral" [three images]. Views of the Huguenot church, a tomb at Circular Church, and the ruins of St. Finbar's Cathedral.

10: "German Lutheran Church, Unitarian Church, & Citadel Square Baptist Church" [three images]. Views of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, the Unitarian Church with St. John's Lutheran Church in background, and Citadel Square Baptist Church.

11: "The Citadel (State Military Academy)." View of the "Old Citadel" (State Military Academy) and cadets on the parade grounds (now Marion Square).

12: "Charleston College." View of Harrison Randolph Hall on the College of Charleston campus. Pedestrians on walkway.

13: "George Cor. and Meeting Streets: German Club, High School." View of the corner of George Street and Meeting Street, looking west on George Street, featuring Der Deutsch Freundschaftsbund Hall (287-289 Meeting Street) and the Judge King House/Radcliffe-King Mansion and neighboring house (~22-24 George Street), both demolished. Pedestrians on street.

14: "Orphan House." View of the Charleston Orphan House (~160 Calhoun Street).

15: "Moss Oaks & Lake / Confederate Monument: Magnolia Cemetery" [two images]. View of a great oak tree and lake (left) and a Confederate Monument in the graveyard of Confederate soldiers (right).

16: "Banana Tree / Palmetto Tree" [two images].

17: "Fort Sumter" [four images]. Four images of Fort Sumter over the years: in 1861 (top left), in 1965 (top right), during the war (bottom left), and after the war (bottom right).

18: "South Carolina Scenes" [four images]. Four images of plantation scenes and African-American field workers. "Cotton Crop" depicts field-workers picking cotton (inset, top left); "Sweet Potato Crop" depicts field-workers hoeing and laboring, with overseer standing by (top right); "Plantation Quarters" depicts a slave cabin with family of workers in front (bottom left); and "Rice Field" depicts laborers working in the field.

Also includes advertisement pages: "Souvenir Albums, Containing Photo-Views of all Notable American Scenery, Summer Resorts, Cities, Etc., Reproduced from Photographs by Louis Glaser's Process, and Published by Wittemann Brothers." Includes indexes and price lists, and reviews.

Item Details

Object ID: 2016.032.1
Creator: Glaser, Louis
Date: 1883
Agricultural Laborers--South Carolina--Charleston County--Pictorial Works
Carts And Wagons
Cathedral Of St. John The Baptist (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
Cemeteries--South Carolina--Charleston--Pictorial Works
Charleston (S.C.)--Buildings, Structures, Etc.--Pictorial Works
Charleston City Hall (S.C.)--Pictorial Works
Church Buildings--South Carolina--Charleston--Pictorial Works
Circular Church (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
Citadel Square Church (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
Citadel, The Military College Of South Carolina--Pictorial Works
College Of Charleston--Buildings--Pictorial Works
Cotton Growing--South Carolina--Charleston County--Pictorial Works
Cotton Pickers--South Carolina--Charleston County--Pictorial Works
Cotton Trade--South Carolina--Charleston--Pictorial Works
Fort Sumter (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
French Protestant Huguenot Church (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
Historic Buildings--South Carolina--Charleston--Pictorial Works
Lost Architecture--South Carolina--Charleston--Pictorial Works
Magnolia Cemetery (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
Marion Square (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
Market Hall (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
Monuments--South Carolina--Charleston--Pictorial Works
Municipal Buildings--South Carolina--Charleston--Pictorial Works
Old Exchange Building And Provost Dungeon (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
Rice--Harvesting--South Carolina--Charleston County--Pictorial Works
Slave Quarters--South Carolina--Charleston County--Pictorial Works
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
St. Michael's Episcopal Church (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
St. Philip's Church (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
Streets--South Carolina--Charleston--Pictorial Works
Trees--South Carolina--Charleston--Pictorial Works
Trolley Cars
Unitarian Church (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
United States Custom House (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
Washington Square Park (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works
Wharves--South Carolina--Charleston--Pictorial Works
White Point Garden (Charleston, S.C.)--Pictorial Works