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Photography Collection

Charleston S.C. Kodak Carousel Slide Show, Part 2


77 color Agfachrome and Kodachrome slides of Charleston buildings, sites, etc., 1976-1978. Originally part of a Kodak Carousel slide show created by Erving Pruyn. Some slides not scanned (e.g., signage, etc.). Features the following (labels from original index):

36-40 Tradd Street

72 Tradd Street

56 Tradd Street

125 Tradd Street

106 Tradd Street/John Stuart House (and Marker)

126 Tradd Street/Dr. Peter Fayssoux House)

52 Tradd Street Garden

102 Tradd Street Garden

16 Meeting Street/Calhoun Mansion

54 Hasell Street/Rhett House

15 Legare Street/Fullerton House (and Sign)

14 Legare Street/Simmons-Edwards House (and Sign)

14 Legare Street/Simmons-Edwards House Pineapple Gate Post

14 Legare Street/Simmons-Edwards House Garden

26 Legare Street Garden (and Sign)

Park, East Bay and Broad* [2 Broad Street garden]

South Battery Between King and Meeting

7 Limehouse Street/Limehouse House (and Sign)

Garden/39 East Bay

Garden/9 South Battery

Garden/59 Meeting Street

Garden/34 Meeting Street

Garden/37 East Bay

1 East Battery,Coffin House

162 Queen Street

Strawberry Chapel (and Marker)

9 Limehouse Street/Shingler House (and Sign and Marker)

9 Limehouse Street/Shingler House Doorway

65 Concord Street Roses & Azaleas

Doorway/5 East Battery

9 East Battery

68 South Battery Gate

St. John's Lutheran Church from Magazine Street

Solid Shutters on King Street

State Port Authority [176 Concord Street]

Cruise Ship "Angelina Lauro"

Ft. Sumter from 65 Concord

Old City Jail

Aircraft Carrier "Yorktown" from 65 Concord


Charleston from Patriots Point

Christ Church/Mt. Pleasant (and Sign and Marker)

38 Church Street/Le Seigneur House (and Marker)

59 Church Street Garden

90-92-94 Church Street

Marker/90 Church Street/Thomas Legare House (a/k/a Peter Leger House)

Marker/92 Church Street/Alexander Christie House

Marker/94 Church Street/Thomas Bee House


View Down Stoll's Alley

160 Queen Street

22 Lamboll Street Garden

Bennett House/69 Barre Street

78 Church Street Balcony

Views in Magnolia Gardens

Large Gas Container in Cooper River

25 East Battery Gable

Cedar Waxwings

St. Philip's Church from West Churchyard

St. Philip's Church Interior

The two slides identified as "Park, East Bay and Broad, are of a temporary garden that was constructed at the northwest corner of East Bay and Broad some time after the building that was there burned down ca. 1963. It is now the site of the Wells Fargo Bank building, formerly Wachovia Bank building, formerly South Carolina National Bank building. The building in the background with the clerestory is the Farmers and Exchange Bank (141 East Bay Street); the white building is across the street from it on East Bay.