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Photography Collection

Charleston S.C. Kodak Carousel Slide Show, Part 1


80 color Agfachrome and Kodachrome slides of Charleston buildings, sites, etc., 1972-1975. Originally part of a Kodak Carousel slide show created by Erving Pruyn. Some slides not scanned (e.g., title, maps, signage, etc.). Features the following (labels from original index):

View from Fort Johnson

Corner of Four Laws

City Hall and Marker (and City Seal)

Court House

U.S. Post Office

St. Michael's Church

St. Michael's Church Cemetery Gate

History Through a Street Lamp

Old Exchange Building

Entrance to the Provost

SC National Bank on Broad Street (and Eagle and Marker)

Daniel Ravenel House/68 Broad Street (and Marker)

Lining House (and Marker)

John Rutledge House/116 Broad Street (and Marker)

Edward Rutledge House/117 Broad Street (and Marker)

7 Meeting Street

Balcony/8 Meeting Street

Gate/27 Meeting Street

Daniel Huger House/34 Meeting Street (and Marker)

Branford-Horry House (and Marker)

First Scots Presbyterian Church

37 Meeting Street/"Double Bosomed" House

Nathaniel Russell House

Nathaniel Russell House Garden

View on Meeting Street

Flower Sellers on Meeting Street

Fireproof Building on Meeting Street (and Marker)

Hibernian Hall

Hibernian Hall Gate

Circular Congregational Church (and Marker)

Circular Congregational Church Chapel

S.C. Society Hall (and Marker)

Joseph Manigault House

South Battery

Gibbes House/64 South Battery (and Marker)

Fort Sumter Memorial/Battery Park

South Battery Corner of Meeting Street

Col. Ashe House/26 South Battery

View Along South Battery

South Battery/Corner of East Battery [5 East Battery]

East Battery and the Omar Temple [Missroon House]

Roper House/9 East Battery

Roper House Rope Moulding

Edmonston Alston House/21 East Battery (and Marker and Coat of Arms)

Sea Gulls at Battery

East Bay Street/Rainbow Row

Balcony/Pringle House [sic]/57 East Bay [Gen. Thomas Pinckney House]

68 East Bay Gate

Old Farmers Exchange Bank/141 East Bay

U.S. Custom House

Faber House on East Bay

Tradd Street from East Bay

39 Tradd/Eveleigh House

38 Tradd/Elizabeth O'Neill Verner House

Garden at a Tradd Street House

70 Tradd Street/Pringle House (and Marker)

148 Tradd Gate

Sword Gates (and Detail)