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Photography Collection

Charleston Navy Yard Buildings and Waterfront


Five B&W photographs (on CD) of Charleston Navy Yard buildings.

a: Waterfront. Captioned: "Navy Yard, Charleston, S.C. / Improvement to waterfront, project 209-8011. View looking south. 22 March, 1937." Sign "WPA Project" in middle.

b: Structural Shop. Captioned: "U.S. Navy Yard, Charleston, S.C., 7 August 1939 / Extend Structural Shop, including Equipment. Allotment 7-08/0679.1-88-1 (PWA). / View looking northwest."

c: Storehouse Relocation. Captioned: "U.S. Navy Yard, Charleston, S.C., September 11, 1940 / Relocation of Storehouse Building No. 1027. W.P.A. Project No. 109-3-33-17-205. / Looking northeast."

d. Yard Cafeteria. Captioned: "U.S. Navy Yard, Charleston, S.C., August 10, 1941. / Yard Cafeteria, building 63, looking southeast. Contract No. NOy-4211." Sign for the "Joiner Shop" across the street at left of photo.

e: Streetscape. Captioned: "U.S. Navy Yard, S.C. 1 May 1944 / Contract NOy 8703. Paving water front area. View looking North along fronts of buildings 64, 66, and 67, showing partly paved area."

f: Ships in dry dock. Undated.