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Photography Collection

Charleston Buildings [postcards]


Nine B&W photographic postcards of Charleston buildings:

a: View West on Hasell Street from Meeting Street. Features three men standing under the balcony of the Argyle Hotel. Buildings from 81 Hasell to King Street at right.

b: View of Church Street featuring 76 Church, 78 Church, and 80 Church (right-to-left). "On Church Street" handwritten on back.

c: Wrought iron gate at Ashley Hall (172 Rutledge Avenue). "Wheel Gate of Ashley Hall" handwritten on back.

d: View through the wrought iron gate of 38 Legare Street from the inside, showing a partial view of the piazzas of 43 Legare Street.

e. Carriage building of the Miles Brewton House (27 King Street). Street vendor is walking on the street in front of the building. "Coach house and Negro quarters of Pringle House" handwritten on back.

f: William Blacklock House (16-18 Bull Street).

g: Steps leading to the door of 6 Glebe Street (St. Philip’s Parsonage House a/k/a Old Rectory a/k/a Bishop Robert Smith House). "Glebe house steps" handwritten on back.

h: View of corner of East Bay Street at Columbus Street featuring the Cigar Factory office building (picker house) and the General Asbestos & Rubber Company (GARCO) building. A small portion of the Cigar Factory building can be seen between these two buildings. A trolley car bound for King Street is stopped in front of the GARCO building, with several sailors aboard. Other individuals who appear to be factory workers are standing by.

i: View east on South Battery from the corner of King Street and 36 South Battery. Railing at right possibly served as a barrier to marshland that existed prior to the landfill in the area.