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Photography Collection

Aiken-Rhett House (48 Elizabeth Street), ca. 1977-1979


Corner (southwest) elevation of the Aiken-Rhett House (48 Elizabeth Street) showing evidence of disrepair, especially on the piazzas. Three nearly identical photos in sleeve, with very slight differences in camera orientation.

Date is indicated as "ca. 1979" (handwritten on photo sleeve and on back of photos); no other information is provided. It is possible that these views were taken by Charles N. Bayless as he photographed the house (and many other historic buildings) in 1977-79 and widely circulated the photographs to local institutions. (See 2006.010.137-195.)

Item Details

Object ID: ELIZABETH.048.4.2g
Date: ca. 1977-1979
Aiken-Rhett House (Charleston, S.C.)
Historic Buildings