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Photography Collection

Aerial Views/Photographs: Peninsula


5 aerial views of the peninsula:

1: 1949 aerial view of the peninsula, looking north, taken from 8000 ft. alt. B&W transparency (4½ x 6).

2-3: Aerial view of the peninsula, looking north. Undated, unattributed. B&W photos, 8x10. (Two copies of phont #3 in sleeve.)

4: Aerial view of peninsula looking west towards East Battery/East Bay Street, Wing of airplane at top of photo. Missroon House at left. B&W photo, 8x10. Undated, unattributed.

5: Aerial view of peninsula the bend of East Battery at White Point Garden. Color (Kodachrome) photo, 8x10. Undated, unattributed.

Item Details

Object ID: 2009.003.010g
Date: Various
Aerial Photographs
Charleston (S.C.)--Aerial Views
White Point Garden (Charleston, S.C.)