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Photography Collection

Aerial Views/Photographs: Historic Views


Nine 8x10 B&W aerial photographs of Charleston:

1-2: Looking northeast toward the Cooper River at the edge of the old Citadel, taken from the cupola of the Orphan House, 1865. Library of Congress photograph.

3: Looking east toward the Cooper River. Detroit Photographic Co., ca. 1902.

4: Looking north on Meeting Street. Likely Detroit Photographic Co., late 19th century. (See Photo #9.)

5: Charleston County Courthouse, Blake Tenements, and a row of four similar 18th century tenements facing Meeting Street. Photographic reprint of photo in Charleston in 1883. (Four copies of photo in sleeve.)

6: Charleston County Courthouse and vicinity of the corner of Broad Street and Meeting Street. (Unattributed, undated.) (Two copies of photo in sleeve.)

7: Looking north on Meeting Street at Chalmers. Franklin Frost Sams, photographer, early 20th century. (See also 2004.021.049.)

8: Aerial view of King Street around John Street, showing King Street facades and the Railroad Complex buildings. ing Street is from 438 (the white building with long piazzas) diagonally down to about where Hutson intersects. The 3½ story brick building in the lower right hand corner is still there. The water tower in the upper right is on top of the current Music Hall. Also shows view of the work yards of the buildings that face King and the Warren, and the buildings toward the top of the frame are the Camden sheds between John and Ann. Unattributed, undated (ca. 1920?.) (Negative also in sleeve.)

9: Looking northeast from Washington Square Park in the vicinity of Chalmers Street. St. Philip's Church at upper left, U.S. Custom House in distance. Detroit Photographic Co., late 19th century. (See Photo #4.) (Photographic reprint by William Struhs.)

Item Details

Object ID: 2009.003.010a
Date: Late-19th - Early 20th c.
Charleston (S.C.)--Aerial Views