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Photography Collection

18 Bull Street (William Blacklock House)


Thirty-nine photographs of 18 Bull Street (William Blacklock House), both interior and exterior shots.

Photographer's description/note(s):

1) SE side (all window, door and wall arches of rubbed and gouged red brick; walls of brown brick, stucco on wall under stairs not original) [pictured here]

2) W side

3) N side, new terrace 1970; note line of former porch roof, not original, and joist seats [pictured here]

4) S side, ground floor entry

5) S side, 1st floor entry [pictured here]

6) S side, 2nd floor center bay and attic fan window [pictured here]

7) Entry gate and fence, east, S side (west gates same except opposite hand)

8) S side, carriage house

9) W side, carriage house

10) SE side, office

11) NW side, office (note brick cornice)

12) 1st floor hall, entry

13) 1st floor hall, looking N to stair hall [pictured here]

14) 1st floor hall (arch. detail, pilaster cap and cornice)

15) 1st floor, stair hall, late door to basement showing original open stairwell wainscot running behind door jamb under stair soffit [pictured here]

16)1st floor, stair hall ceiling

17) 1st floor, SW room, N wall [pictured here]

18) 1st floor, SW room mantel detail (added to house ca. 1970)

19) 1st floor, view from SW room showing mid 19th c. arches

20) 1st floor, SE room, N wall

21) 1st floor, SE room mantel detail (added to house ca. 1970)

22) 1st floor, NW room, S wall

23) 1st floor, NW room, mantel detail

24) 2nd floor, stair hall, landing frieze and balustrade looking S

25) 2nd floor, stair hall, looking W

26) 2nd floor, stair hall, ceiling from S center of room

27) 2nd floor, stair hall ceiling from landing, looking NE [pictured here]

28) 2nd floor Center room, door to SW room (typical center room door, cornice and wainscot)

29) 2nd floor, S center room, door, entablature and cornice detail [pictured here]

30) 2nd floor, SE room, N wall

31) 2nd floor, SE room, mantel detail (appears to be original)

32) 2nd floor, SE room, window case (door case same) and wainscot detail

33) 2nd floor, SE room, cornice detail

34) 2nd floor, SW room, N wall

35) 2nd floor, SW room, W window detail (typical interior paneling of shutter, shutter bar and recessed spandrel throughout house)

36) 2nd floor, SW room, mantel detail (appears to be original but with some ornament missing

37) 2nd floor, SW room, cornice detail

38) 2nd floor, NW room, S wall

39) 2nd floor, NW room, mantel detail

A sample of photos appears in this record.