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Photography Collection

172 Rutledge Avenue (Ashley Hall)


Fifty-nine photographs of 172 Rutledge Avenue (Ashley Hall), interior and exterior shots.

Photographer's description/note(s): Builder, Patrick Duncan between 1798 and 1828. Additions, Geo. A. Trenholm, c. 1850. Additions, G.W. Witte, c. 1880. Ashley Hall School for Girls 1909.

1) House, SE side (pictured here)

2) House, E side pediment (pictured here)

3) House, S side

4) S side portico pediment (pictured here)

5) S side portico, cornice and column cap (pictured here)

6) House, S side portico 1st floor, balcony detail

7) House, S portico 2nd floor small balcony (2 thus)

8) House, S side portico, 2nd floor center balcony

9) House, S side portico, ceiling cornice (pictured here)

10) House, S side portico, ceiling medallion

11) House, SW side (pictured here)

12) House, W side (pictured here)

13) House, W bay

14)House, W bay, cornice

15) House, W bay, first floor railing

16) House, NW side (pictured here)

17) S side, pediment and 2nd floor only (built with original house as kitchen)

18) S side, pediment and 1st floor only

19) N side, center portion, Radcliffe Street (pictured here)

20) Carriage house, SE side

21) Carriage house, NE side

22) N side, fence detail

23) Ground floor, portico and entry, S side

24) Ground floor, entry hall looking S

25) Ground floor, stair (inner well is ellipse, 102" major axis, 54" minor axis (pictured here)

26) Ground floor, stairs, looking up

27) Ground floor, west double rooms

28) 1st floor hall looking SW

29) 1st floor hall looking into W room

30) 1st floor hall looking SE (pictured here)

31) 2nd floor stair, looking N

32) 2nd floor stair looking W (pictured here)

33) 1st floor stairs, looking E

34) 1st floor west double room, E and S walls (pictured here)

35) 1st floor west double room, oval E wall of S end of room

36) 1st floor west double room (typical door in E wall and column from which vaulted ceilings spring)

37) 1st floor west double room, W wall

38) 1st floor west double room (one of two vaulted ceiling medallions (pictured here)

39) 1st floor west double room, rectangular bay off W wall looking N

40) 1st floor west double room, typical mantel

41) 1st floor, SE room, NE corner

42) 1st floor, SE room, door to hall in curved W wall (pictured here)

43) 1st floor, SE room, E wall mantel

44) 1st floor, SE room, ceiling medallions

45) 1st floor rear hall, typical original 1st floor hall door and arch console (pictured here)

46) 1st floor rear hall behind curved stairs looking N to 19th century (c. 1879?) addition (arch defines N wall of original house)

47) 1st floor, rear hall, curved S wall behind stairs (note wall handrail wraps around ends of wall to become wainscot cap)

48) 1st floor, addition to house, S room, W wall

49) 1st floor, addition to house, S room ceiling medallion

50) 2nd floor and stair

51) 2nd floor stair hall, typical door and column

52) 2nd floor, SE room, SE corner (pictured here)

53) 2nd floor, NW room, N wall

54) 2nd floor, skylight

55) 1st floor, E room, S and E walls (center ceiling panel originally skylight

56) 1st floor, E room, S and W walls

57) 1st floor, E room, E wall, overmantel mirror

58) 1st floor, E room mantel (pictured here)

59) Ground and 1st floor, typical door hardware, original house

A sample of photos appears in this record.